Date: October 1, 2018    Location: Den at Wartburg     

Members Attending  Sharon Abram, Joyce  Schmidt, Kathy Magnall, Kathy Folkerts,  Beverly Saathoff, David Farran__________

Chairman: Sharon Abram  ____________________

Secretary: David Farran______________________

Review notes from last Meeting:  No Notes Taken

Follow up or corrections to notes?  NONE

Treasurers Report: Begin Bal $701.63,  Ending Balance $1146.63

Agenda Items/Discussions/Motions for Agenda Items: Dates for 2019 and 2020 Events will remain as posted on the 50 Plus Website.

Require that containers for contributions be clearly labeled as to the recipient .

Will add Early Bird Special for 2019 Registrations


Additional items from Committee Members:

Pictures from Bill and Kathy Wild will be sent to Central Committee to select pictures to be posted on website.

Plan to send out some surveys to website members asking about possible changes to the Events.

Will Condense information on Website Home Page and add another ‘Announcements” page for more detailed information.

Next Meeting to be :Next Spring (2019) April /May