Short WSR 50 Plus

Waverly High School 50 Plus Reunion

Short History

In the summer of 1989, Laverne “L W” Kehe formed a committee to discuss forming an alumni group for classes from at least 50 years ago.  Cards were mailed to hundreds of graduates of the classes of 1919 to 1940 for a 1990 Reunion, over 200 accepted the idea.


The first 50+ covered 3 days, September 14, 15, & 16, 1990.  Coinciding with the “newly initiated Waverly Heritage Fest”.  Friday offered a meal on the Star Clipper Dinner train; Saturday was a Dinner at the Red Fox and Sunday a brunch at the Country Club. (The costs Per Person were: Dinner Train $45.00, Evening Dinner $10.00, Sunday Brunch $7.50)


“LW’s” idea for the class celebrating their 50th anniversary to also coordinate the 50+ did not work well.  They were too busy with their own 50th to do the 50+.  It was decided that the class that had observed their 50th the previous year had more time and was more “in condition” to set up the 50+ so that change was made and is still in effect.


In 1997 Heritage Days was shifted to July, but it was decided to keep the 50Plus in September as it still is, and make it a one day event with a meal at noon. The current planning is to have the reunion on the second Saturday after Labor Day.  Moved from the first Saturday as that always seems to be the date of the Iowa Vs Iowa State Football game.


The 2012 50 Plus Reunion (the 23rd) was held at the Centre on September 15th, 2012  The event began with a social period starting at 9 AM and a meal was served at noon. Annual Newsletters and Event Invitations were mailed to 1200 addresses in 2012  That year’s inducted class (1962) was the first to attend high school at the current WSR High School Building.

In 2015 the date was switched back to the First Saturday after Labor Day

2017 and 2018 Events were held at the WAVP due to a scheduling conflict at the Centre, the 2019 is scheduled to be back at the Centre,