2019 Event

2019 Waverly-Shell Rock 50 Plus Reunion


Modify the program or not?

Over the years several individuals have suggested changing the dates of the 50 Plus to correspond with the Waverly Heritage Days Celebration.  A problem with that suggestion is that Heritage days didn't come into being until 1987, two years before the first 50 Plus Reunion. This year's incoming Class year (1969) got out of school more than 20 years before Heritage Days Started.  So unless classmates stayed in the area or returned to the area during Heritage Days, they have no idea what it is.

From 1990 until 1996 the 50 Plus and Heritage Days were held at the same time, then in 1997 Heritage Days moved from Sept to July.  Heritage days always start on a Wednesday and run through Sunday morning, In 2019 the dates will be July 18-21. It includes a large parade, a nice Fire Works Display on the Golf Course and many other events, too numerous to mention here but there is a nice Face Book Page "Waverly Heritage Days" that covers all of it.

The logic for recombining is that it would provide a lot more available activities and as such would provide a lot more for incentives for classmates that travel more than a day to get here and then just have the social morning and the lunch.

Any possible thoughts of moving the dates will not be a spur of the moment  project. it takes a long time to line up the Venue, arrange for the Catered Meal, get all the paperwork ready, printed and distributed, etc.  So if it were decided this year to try moving, it would be 2 or 3 years before it could actually happen.

Even though the incoming classes are larger, the total number of attendees is steadily declining. To Continue the Reunion, we need to do something to reverse that trend. 

What would you suggest we do to concerning the W-SR 50 Plus Reunion to increase participation ?

Connecting to Heritage Days is one possibility, another may be to add more events to the 50 Plus, Local Tours , trips to  places like the Amana Colonies, the Match Stick Museum in Gladbrook, Billy Clocks, The Isle, Prairie Meadows, perhaps  you are not  familiar with all of these, they are just ideas.

Please provide some input on this subject, not chiseled in stone plans but general thoughts, would you rather have  a 2 or 3 day function? Over a weekend or maybe Tuesday through Thursday? What Dates?  Maybe designate  a day for individual class reunions 55th , 60th, 65th or maybe the 62nd or whenever?

There is literally no time to have an involved discussion at the current 50 Plus Events, much of the thinking and suggesting has to be on the website IF you will participate.  I hate think about it but with the current trend, the future of 50 Plus Events would appear to be very limited.

IF we get some ideas we can create a survey on the website and gather a consensus of the classmates, add to the list or include modifications and continue to post surveys to alloy your input. The website is the ONLY media we have to discuss this issue, but realize it has to be a DISCUSSION not a news bulletin. In other words it has to be a two way conversation!

This is your chance to become involved without ever leaving your home, don’t know of any way to make it easier for you to become involved!

David Farran Class of 1955

WSR 50 Plus