2019 Waverly-Shell Rock 50 Plus Reunion


Modify the 50 Plus or not?

Over the years several individuals have suggested changing the dates of the 50 Plus to correspond with the Waverly Heritage Days Celebration.  A major problem there is that Heritage days didn't come into being until 1987, two years before the first 50 Plus Reunion. This year's incoming Class year (1969) got out of school more than 20 years before Heritage Days Started.  So unless classmates stayed in the area or returned to the area, they have no idea what it is.

From 1990 until 1996 the two events were held at the same time, then in 1997 Heritage Days moved from Sept to July.  Heritage days start on a Wednesday and run through Sunday morning, In 2019 it will be July 18-21. It includes a large parade, a nice Fire Works Display and many other events, too numerous to mention here but they do have a nice FaceBook Page "Waverly Heritage Days" that covers all of it.

The logic concerned with recombining is that it would provide a lot more available activities and as such would provide a lot more for classmates that travel more than a day to get here and then just have the social morning and the lunch. (Also eliminated the Ia vs Ia St football game as a detraction!)

Any possible thoughts of moving the dates will not be a spur of the moment  project. It takes a long time to line up the Venue, arrange for the Catered Meal, get all the paperwork ready, printed and distributed, etc.  So if it were decided this year to try moving, it would be 2 or 3 years before it could actually happen.

Even though the incoming classes are larger, the number of attendees is steadily declining, we need to do something to reverse that.  Connecting to Heritage Days is one possibility, another is to add more events to the 50 Plus, Tours of the Waverly Area, trips to  places like the Amana Colonies, the Match stick Museum in Gladbrook, ok so many aren't at all familiar with some of this but this is just throwing out ideas.

Would like to have some input on this subject, not chiseled in stone plans but general thoughts, would you rather have  a 2 or 3 day function? What Dates?  Maybe set up a day for individual class reunions 55, 60, 65 or whenever?



Valentine's Day has come and gone and Memorial Day this year is Monday 27 May, that is the target date to have the 2019 Newsletter completed and that is only 3 months away!

So Far it contains the Date: September 7, the Place: The Centre, the Year being inducted: 1969! and Additions to the 'In Memory" section. That makes for a pretty short newsletter!

Any year that is planning a special event in conjunction with the Event is encouraged to submit a short article. (about 100 words), outlining their plans for their class.

Am especially requsting items such an article from the Class of 1969 inviting and reminding their clasmates that they are being inducted this year,  that 2019 is 50 years after 1969 so is the Class Planning Something!

Any other years planning something ? 55 yrs, 60 yrs, etc???

Any questions or other information of interest to the group can be submitted either for the newsletter or simply as a requst.

The Committee also needs a contact or contacts in the class of 1970 so we can contact them to get their class roster so we can include them in the 50 Plus roster next year.  When I graduated in 1955, most of the members of the class of 1970 were about 3 years old. I don't know any of them!

Questions/Comments always welcome.

What is NOTIFY ME?

The first function listed under the MEMBER FUNCTIONS in the Left Column of the Home Page is "Notify Me"  This is where you choose which events you want to be notified about when something new comes along.

Most people have very few items for which they selected "Never" as the frequency of notification for any item except for "A New Classmate joins Class Connection from a Different Graduating year" which it seems everyone selecten  "Never" for.

Most of you have a lot of "weekly" notifications selected but it may be some of you mis read some of the choices, such as  15 Never want to be notified of a new personal message, 21 Never want be notified of a new Announcement, 28 Never want to know that a Page has been added or updated, 7 even selected Never for Administrator sends email to ALL CLASSMATES.

True it is your choice but take a look and be sure you know what you selected.

Also recommend you visit the "Edit Contact Info" and "Edit Profile" functions occasionally to insure the information there is current.

While you are at it if you aren't sure about other tabs on the Home Page, take a minute to look at them, you many find some interesting functions.

WSR 50 Plus Website



Questions, Comments and/or Concerns always welcome.


Waverly Shell Rock 50 Plus 


This site has been created specifically to establish communications between all the Classmates that attended Waverly or Waverly-Shell Rock High School with class years of 1968 or earlier.  Many of the later classes have set up FaceBook pages etc for their class members but the 50+ website covers many classes! This is where you can contact classmates from other classes, provided that both of you are members of the 50 Plus Website.

Please plan to attend a 50 Plus Reunion and come prepared to suggest ways to improve the reunions, our communications or any thing else you want to suggest.

Dropping the years to be a 40 or 45 Year Plus has been suggested but18 year old graduates plus 40 are only 58, and plus 45 are only 63. Limited number of retirees there.

There is literally no time to have an involved discussion at the current 50 Plus Events, much of the thinking and suggesting has to be right here on the websilte IF you will participate.  I hate think about it but with the current trend, the future 50 Plus Events would appear to be short lived.