What is NOTIFY ME?

The first function listed under the MEMBER FUNCTIONS in the Left Column of the Home Page is "Notify Me"  This is where you choose which events you want to be notified about when something new comes along.

Most people have very few items for which they selected "Never" as the frequency of notification for any item except for "A New Classmate joins Class Connection from a Different Graduating year" which it seems everyone selecten  "Never" for.

Most of you have a lot of "weekly" notifications selected but it may be some of you mis read some of the choices, such as  15 Never want to be notified of a new personal message, 21 Never want be notified of a new Announcement, 28 Never want to know that a Page has been added or updated, 7 even selected Never for Administrator sends email to ALL CLASSMATES.

True it is your choice but take a look and be sure you know what you selected.

Also recommend you visit the "Edit Contact Info" and "Edit Profile" functions occasionally to insure the information there is current.

While you are at it if you aren't sure about other tabs on the Home Page, take a minute to look at them, you many find some interesting functions.

WSR 50 Plus Website



Questions, Comments and/or Concerns always welcome.


Waverly Shell Rock 50 Plus 


This site has been created specifically to establish communications between all the Classmates that attended Waverly or Waverly-Shell Rock High School with class years of 1968 or earlier.  Many of the later classes have set up FaceBook pages etc for their class members but the 50+ website covers many classes! This is where you can contact classmates from other classes, provided that both of you are members of the 50 Plus Website.

Please plan to attend a 50 Plus Reunion and come prepared to suggest ways to improve the reunions, our communications or any thing else you want to suggest.

Dropping the years to be a 40 or 45 Year Plus has been suggested but18 year old graduates plus 40 are only 58, and plus 45 are only 63. Limited number of retirees there.

There is literally no time to have an involved discussion at the current 50 Plus Events, much of the thinking and suggesting has to be right here on the websilte IF you will participate.  I hate think about it but with the current trend, the future 50 Plus Events would appear to be short lived.