Join Instructions


May want to RIGHT CLICK and PRINT this page

To activate your membership to this site just click on "Classmate Profiles" (top of the page, center), or in the right column click on the BLUE  JOIN HERE then select  your class year from the list that appears, click on your name and click on "click here now" in the join here area and fill out the 4 page Member Wizard form.(Note items with "*" are REQUIRED INFORMATION. Read all pages and add or remove checkmarks to reflect your choices.

If your name did not appear in your class list, go to the bottom of your class list and click on the box "Don't see your name? Click HERE to join>>>" this will open a blank Member Wizard form, just fill in all the information.

Please do not fill in the Maiden Name on the profile unless it applies,i.e. don't fill it in for John Smith, if you do he will become John Smith (Smith) just do it for his wife if she was also a classmate, Abagale Jones (Smith).

When your application is completed it will come to the site administrator and as soon as I can verify that you are a classmember I will verify that on the site and you will get an email (sent to the email you enter in the profile) welcoming you to the site.

When you get the "Welcome" go to the site and check out the listings under "Member Functions". Be sure you click on "Notify Me" and select when you want to be notified about changes, read through the choices to see what they mean so you get only what you want.

As a member of the 50 plus website, you can email any other member,but the email will contain only your name NOT your EMAIL address.  The email comes from the website so no email addresses are exchanged. (A security advantage)

We try to list all classmates with their class, i.e. if Jane Smith from Class of 1960 married John Doe from Class of 1961 and puts "Doe" on her Contact Page as her married name, she will be listed with the Class of 1960 as "Jane Smith (Doe)" and alphabetized by Smith.  If she wants she can state that she married John Doe from class of 1961 in the Comments on her profile page.

Anyone that wants to change anything about thier listing needs to contact a website administrator.

Don't be concerned about making a mistake, everything can be corrected, and more information can be added at any time.